DO YOU KNOW WHERE TO START with sourcing fabrics, trims, labels, pattern cutters, fabric suppliers?
We have a network of reliable manufacturers and fabric suppliers in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Asia that we have worked with for many years. Our ongoing partnerships allow us to supply smaller quantities cost effectively which is a lifeline for small businesses looking to develop their brand without the risk of committing to large quantities. 
We offer a bespoke consultancy sourcing service independent of design and manufacturing. If you know what fabrics you want to use but are having trouble sourcing them then we can help.
We work with fabric suppliers/ manufacturers in the UK and overseas and can work with suppliers to find the most cost effective way to bring your products to market. We work with you to help you understand the process and how to put costings together, which trade show to visit and how to negotiate MOQs and how to get the best from your suppliers.

Please see below for a brief introduction into sourcing and manufacturing that you may find helpful.