Manufacturing Overseas

When you manufacture overseas you will usually be given a price for a fully factored product. This will include fabrics, patterns, sampling, prints, labels, and packaging.

If you have agreed a price with the supplier and you are happy to proceed, you can ask for a first sample to be made. This will give you an idea of the workmanship of the factory and the quality. There is usually a charge for this but will often be credited back once you have placed an order.

If you are happy with the samples and would like to proceed to place an order then you will need to agree lead times and payment terms before committing to placing the order. Also check if there will be any hidden costs such as branding zip pulls or buttons.

Once you have placed an order you will receive pre production samples, these will need to be perfect before you can give the authorisation to proceed to bulk production. Pre production samples should resemble the finished garment as these will be used for reference for production.

It is essential to either visit the factory during production to make sure that everything is running smoothly or arrange for production and shipment samples to be sent before you make the final payment and ship the goods. Once the goods have been shipped and paid for it is very difficult to send back to the supplier if there are any issues.