Designing a Product – Processes – What is a Tech Pack #3

Designing a Product – Processes – What is a Tech Pack #3

What is a Tech Pack?

Once you have completed your range plan and you are happy with your colour options, fabrics and merchandising options, you are ready to put tech packs together

Tech packs are technical so if you haven’t done them before or aren’t a designer then it is strongly recommended that you hire someone to do them for you. These are a really important part of the process and they need to be correct. Mistakes in tech packs will end up costing you a lot more money in the long run! Any mistakes will mean you’re samples won’t come out right and will also mean that that the costings will not be accurate

What is included in a Tech Pack?

A tech pack needs to include all the information needed to make the garment. This includes, fabrics, colour options, front and back views (inc inside views for jackets) all seam details, darts, pockets, linings. These will also need to have measurements of position on the garment. How big the pockets are, what buttons are you using. If you have back neck labels and swing tickets then these will need to be included. What colour thread you are using, if you are using contrast. Is the stitch twin needle or single stitch? If you are using prints or embroideries these will need to be in the pack. Last but not least you will need a size chart so the supplier can work out fabric consumption in order to give you cost.

Why Do I Need a Tech Pack?

There are many reasons why a tech packs is important and will become your blueprint for your garments:

  • The tech pack will give you accurate costings of the garment and will enable you to plan your budget accordingly
  • Reduces the amount of mistakes – the sampling process usually includes 1-2 samples before getting your final sample. The more accurate your tech pack is the more accurate your samples will be, therefore reducing the amount of samples you will need. All samples will be cross referenced with the tech pack.  A lot of manufacturers will charge for sample so you want to be as accurate as possible
  • Tech packs become the blueprint for production, so need to be updated, amended and revised as you go along. Any discrepancies with production can be referred back to. These will also be used for quality control to check against the size chart and make sure garments are within tolerance
  • Reduces the amount of time and money spent on sampling.

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