Lockdown Fashion Lowdown

Lockdown Fashion Lowdown

With the current situation the world is definitely in a weird place right now. Because of the lockdown many of us are working from home which can make people feel rather alone and isolated. At least in this day and age we can remain connected digitally through social media.

“The most isolating thing most of us has ever done is, ironically, almost surely the most collective experience we’ve ever had in our lifetimes.” – Garrett M. Graff, Director for cyber initiatives at the Aspen Institute.

At Rosebudd, we’re strong believers in the fact that just because you’re at home doesn’t mean that the style has to stop. Wherever you’re working, whether it be a home office, makeshift dining table, or just the living room floor, these following styles will prove you can look put-together no matter what. Also, research has shown that the clothes we wear can influence our mood. So, if you are wanting to spice up your outfits while working from home, check out these following styles.

  1. Loungewear – The demand for loungewear continues to rise as working from home becomes the new norm. It’s easy to be tempted into staying in pyjamas all day while working from home. I know I am! Most employers won’t know or even care what their employees are wearing while working from home. Also, during these unprecedented and highly stressful times it can be very important to cut ourselves some slack for our mental health. “If folks aren’t up for dressing for the cyber world as they would in the office, that is completely understandable.”

We are all going through an unprecedented and stressful time in history.” – Rheeda Walker, a professor of psychology at the University of Houston.

As well as caring for your mental health, establishing a new routine with a new style can free up more time for you in the mornings. Realistically, many women spend at least an hour to get completely ready for work. So, cutting this part of your day short means that you can get an early start to your day, have more time and energy to complete other tasks or even provide you with more time to sleep in and inspire increased productivity. Leesa Evans, a Hollywood costume designer and private stylist, said that “On days when you do not need to interface visually with clients or co-workers, I think wearing your favourite [loungewear] can feel incredibly relaxing and put you in the perfect serene mood to dive in and get a tonne of work done with maybe a bit of extra time to meditate or do yoga somewhere in your day”.

2. Activewear – Whilst being stuck in isolation, with very little to do, many people have been encouraged to get into health and fitness. Research has shown that what you wear can affect your mood and wearing gym gear can inspire and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Everyone loves feeling comfortable so creating outfits which combine fashion and function will allow you to be comfortable and motivated. The best pieces are those made of stretchy fabrics. Stretch fabrics have only grown in popularity in recent times and have quickly become so popular that now many of us own multiple garments from leggings, sports bras, tops, jackets etc. Wearing your gym gear to work in also allows you a quick transition from work to workout if that’s what you desire.

3. Office Clothes – Although many of us aren’t opting to continue to dress in office wear there are some who are, and this is completely understandable. Working from home is a big adjustment for many which can be incredibly challenging. Since your normal routine has been interrupted, it can help you feel more at ease to dress in your regular work clothes and maintain what you can of your daily routine. It may be something which is easily overlooked but getting ready in a morning can quickly set the tone for your day.

“Keeping a routine helps us maintain a sense of control and degree of normality” –Carolyn Mair, fashion author.

However, many people are currently working with children and or pets in the house so getting dressed up is, understandably, maybe not be the most compelling option right now. But something simple like a blouse can be worn to do the same job. This is because “research has found that people feel more competent when wearing business clothes.” – Cathleen Swody, psychologist. What’s more, as you don’t have to worry about a strict office dress codes while you’re not in work, this is the most perfect time to experiment with your work attire. Try new pieces or combinations etc. It is also always important to remember that, in this time there will likely be days where you don’t feel like getting dressed up, and that’s fine. Don’t over-do yourself.

Top Tips

  • Experiment with your look – you don’t have to worry about dress codes so this is the perfect time to experiment.
  • Shop your wardrobe – test new combinations, rediscover pieces you once loved, or work out how to make that particular piece you’ve never worn work with an outfit.
  • A business-casual look – take your favourite outfit and pair it with a blazer. This will help in keeping you feeling productive.
  • Switch up your look based on your mood.
  • Establish a regular routine.
  • Ensure you change in and out of your ‘work outfit’ the morning and evening, don’t just stay in your pyjamas.
  • Choose colours to boost your mood – warm tones can encourage you to get up and moving (physically and mentally) and cool tones are said to help you slow down and relax.
  • Add bright colour with accessories.
  • Don’t forget about makeup – if you usually wear makeup to work continue to do this through isolation, maybe just dial down the look slightly.
  • As with your clothes you can experiment with your makeup too. – “Red lips can brighten your face and outfit.”

Always remember, have fun with your aesthetic!

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