What is trend forecasting

Fashion is a FAST PACED INDUSTRY. Trend forecasting can help keep you ahead and start your business off in the right direction helping you to FORECAST FUTURE TRENDS as well as giving you a COMPETITIVE EDGE in the industry.
How do designers know what is going to be the next big thing in fashion? Where do they find their fashion trends? They do this by trend forecasting, this means working well ahead of each season, sometimes up to 4 seasons in advance. It’s one of the most important requirements of any fashion brand, to be constantly on trend. This means that as a business owner, not only must you be aware of the current and future trends, you must also understand them well and consistency keep your brand ahead of them. This is so that your brand can keep up and stay ahead of the curve.
There are various companies that focus on trend forecasting, although these can be costly and require subscriptions. Below are a few of the most well known trend forecasting companies…

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