What is a Tech Pack?

TECH PACKS give the manufacturer everything they need in order to cost the GARMENT FOR PRODUCTIONOnce you have your DESIGNS you will need to get tech packs put together before you can APPROACH SUPPLIERS.
Tech packs are a vital part of the design, sourcing and manufacturing process. These will enable you to get costings so you can work out how much each garment is going to cost. You can then plan your budget and work out how much you can realistically afford to order. If the prices are coming out too high for your budget, you can look to reducing the number of colour options, relook at design details and look at reducing the number of fabrics or look for cheaper options
Tech packs will include all the below make up information:
• Front and back view, fabric and colour options
• All the construction information including labels, swing tickets, any prints, embroideries.
• All the sizes and positions of embroideries, prints
• Seam positions, pockets, any linings
• Size charts across the sizes