Mentoring/Consultation Sessions

This mentoring/consultation session is ideal if you are looking to
and don’t know where to start or have receECTION
These mentoring/consultation session/s are ideal if you are looking to START FASHION BRAND and don’t know where to start or have recently established and looking for DIRECTION.
This session/s will give you an overview of the processes involved in starting a fashion brand, what the key stages are and how you can get the ball rolling. Some of the subjects we will cover include:
Brand Overview
Brand Identity
Creative Direction and Inspiration Design
How to range plan and what to include
How to source fabrics and manufacturers
If you are looking for input from a fashion expert to discuss and advise you through the process then we can discuss a tailor-made plan for you and your brand. After a free 30 minute discovery call we will put a tailor-made mentoring plan together for you depending on whether you are looking for a one off session or a mentoring programme.
All mentoring sessions can be done via video link, on the phone or in person whichever you prefer. After each mentoring session you will receive a follow up email outlining the key points from the session.