Half Day Workshops

If you have STARTED the process and are stuck with where to go next… we OFFER a HOUR 1:1 INTENSIVE WORKSHOP.
During the workshop we will focus on your brand identity, target customer, designs, range planning, tech pack creation and how to start the manufacturing process. We will discuss where you are up, what stumbling blocks you have encountered so far. If you have designs we will review these with you and offer advice on how to range plan, designing within a budget and how they reflect your brand identity.
We will look at what information you need to put tech packs together. If you have fabrics we can discuss the most cost effective sourcing options, are the fabrics right for the garment? Any branding issues – is your message consistent? Manufacturing any issues you may have and advice on where to find and approach manufacturers. Understanding payment terms, purchase orders. Sampling processes and procedures as well as timescales and costs.
The workshop will be tailored to your specific needs and includes a 30 min discovery call to discuss the areas that you most need assistance with beforehand. After the workshop you will receive an email with all the key points discussed, an action plan and any supplier contacts that we discussed during the workshop. Also includes a one hour next steps consultation to be taken within 4 weeks after the workshop date.
The location of the workshop can either be in Derby or a location of your choice.