Mentoring Sessions Specific to Sourcing/Manufacturing

These mentoring/consultation session/s aim to outline the KEY PROCESSES from where to start with SOURCING suppliers, through to how to find and approach MANUFACTURERS and starting the PRODUCTION PROCESS.
We will discuss all aspects of sourcing from fabric suppliers, trims, pattern cutters through to which trade shows to visit to source fabrics, and assistance with sourcing manufacturers. Where to look – what to ask. How to find the right manufacturer for you, negotiate MOQs as well as what can go wrong and how to avoid the pit falls.
We will look at the process of sampling, through to placing an order and manufacturing. Including arranging first samples, how to comment on first samples, how to put a purchase order together, lead times, pre production samples and shipment samples. Also includes packaging, labels, how to put costings together, payment terms and shipping queries.
If you are looking for input from a fashion expert to discuss and advise you through the process then we can discuss a tailor-made plan for you and your brand.
We offer a free 30 minute discovery call were we will discuss your needs, we will then put a tailor-made plan together for you depending on whether you are looking for a one off session or a mentoring programme.
All sessions can be done via video link, on the phone or in person whichever you prefer.
After each session you will receive a follow up email outlining the key points and an action plan for you to work on.